Oliver Clark
Dynamic Media Professional

Who Am I?


Social Media manager, Podcast producer, Livestreamer, Designer, Content Creator

Image Credit: Dreamhack

I have been obsessed with creating things my entire life. Through marketing and social media management, I have found an outlet which allows me to creatively solve problems and expand online followings by creating meaningful relationships, interesting content, and useful resources. Each organization I work with brings exciting new challenges that I am excited to figure out solutions for.

Music has been a hobby of mine for almost ten years. I like to play everything from guitars and ukuleles to piano and digital instruments. I have always loved to tinker with melodies and create meaningful pieces. I am always trying to better myself and my community. A big part of that is setting goals and meeting them. The best example of this is through fitness.

I have participated in numerous 5k charity events and have even pushed myself to complete a half marathon. I have also completed four Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathons in support of Children's Miracle Network. My family, friends, clubs, project groups, and travels have had a huge impact on me. I am extremely thankful for these experiences as they have taught me so much about myself and who I want to be.

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